Trinity Wellness Group, LLC - Counseling in Hanover, PA

Payment Information

​​​​We are currently working on getting contracts with insurance companies.

At this time we are accepting:

All Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

Cigna (including Cigna EAP)



Beacon Health

Compsych (including Compsych EAP)

Mazitti & Sullivan EAP


Military One EAP


Gateway/Medicare Plans

Wellspan EAP

- Please note: It is best to call your insurance company to find out who the mental health benefit is through, as it may be a company listed above is different then your insurance for medical benefits.

Fee Schedule is set as follows & CO-PAYMENTS and DEDUCTIBLES are due at the time of the appointment. All services are billed at a per session rate.

A regular session is approximately 45 minutes, with intake lasting up to an hour.

Initial Assessment $150

Individual Therapy $110

Family Therapy $120
70-85   minute session $150   

Group Therapy $40-$75/per person per group   

Here are some questions that you need to ask your insurance company:

1. Is Trinity Wellness Group, LLC an "in network provider" (If not, they may have it set up me just me rather then group so ask if Danielle Lew, is in network

2. Does my insurance policy provide mental health benefits?

3. Do I have a deductible?

4. What is the billing address?

5. Do have a co-pay or coinsurance?

6. Do I have a minimum or maximum number of sessions?

7. Do I need pre-authorization for services?

8. (optional) If desired on occassion to have video conferencing sessions, does insurance cover it?

If you desire to see me and I am an out of network provider, I can provide you with a claim that you can submit to get reimbursed for at least part of your sessions, depending on your insurance policy contract. 

Payment Types:

I am able to accept checks, credit cards, and cash payments. 

​Find A Therapist who has a lot of experience

Danielle obtained her Bachelors of Science from Frostburg State University in Psychology with two certificate programs; Child and Family & Substance Abuse. While working in the field of Addictions, she then went on to complete her Master's Degree in social work at the University of Maryland and specialized in both mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Danielle has a broad range of experience and skills obtained from various settings including detention centers, outpatient settings, homeless shelters, and hospitals. She worked in hospice, primary care clinics, and has provided services in schools and in homes. 

At Trinity, we assist clients in dealing with grief and loss, building self-esteem, improving anger management, communicating more effectively, marriage discord, decreasing substance abuse, and increasing coping skills. Danielle uses the lens of the present to look at the past, helping clients heal and enhance their future.

Danielle realizes that every person that she works with has strengths and skills and she assists each person to unlock their potential by utilizing these strengths to overcome whatever barriers that exist & targeting overall wellness in body, mind, and spirit. 

We help  you to     unlock your              full   potential