When you arrive for your first appointment, you may feel a little nervous- rest assured this is normal. 

Please have a seat and if I am with someone, I will be out shortly.

If you are able it is helpful for you to have completed the following forms (or at least viewed them):

Welcome Guide

Go Here to register for your free Confidential client portal to complete documents necessary to begin working together. 

To schedule your intake/evaluation, please call (717) 773-4937

Additionally, on your first visit, we will be spending most of the time for me to gather information and a full history.

I realize that a lot of people hope to ventilate on this first session- which is understandable!

Just please be aware, we did need to get these essentials done too!

Session times are set for 45 mintutes if you are using your Employee Benefit Plan (EAP) or 50 minutes if you are using your insurance. 

Trinity Wellness Group, LLC - Counseling in Hanover, PA

What to Expect