​​​​​​Maybe you are not looking for a therapist, but are looking to lose weight or adapt to a healthier lifestyle- I can be your Coach! I will coach you through time management, establishing routines, food planning, and preparation, and provide you with all the tools you will need to be successful! 

I facilitate "Wellness Groups" which can help you to get the accountability and relationships with others, without needing to go to the gym. Each group has a "theme" and a program that you will follow to get maximum results. You are also able to download a free app for your smartphone and log workouts, update weight loss, measurements, etc- so that I am able to know how you are doing & if you need a little more encouragement!

So why do I Coach? For me coaching is one more way that I am able to help people. 

After personally experiencing the benefits of diet and exercise, in 2015, I began coaching others in their personal journeys to find weight loss, increased energy, improved self-confidence, and overall wellness, as I have. 

Because I am not a certified trainer, or nutritionist, I utilize the tools available through Beachbody (such as 21 Day Fix,Cize, Piyo, and Shakeology)** that have been developed by top experts around the world, along with my clinical skills to help others get closer to their weight loss and wellness goals.

I drink Shakeology daily for my breakfast, though you can drink at any time of the day.

Here are two video on Shakeology and what it can do for you. There is a 100% money back guarantee, which is rare these days (even if the bag is empty! You just pay for return shipping- about $9.00!)   

Of course there are many different options available to get healthy and we encourage any form of healthy physical activity, play, healthy eating, and time with nature. 

​VERY IMPORTANT! Before beginning any exercise or nutrition plan, I do recommend that you first consult with your physician so that they can make recommendations on the best plan for your unique health needs.

​If you would like specific information to take to your Provider, please ask. 

**Note: Full Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links which means that if you decide to buy them, I will earn a commission on them at no additional  cost to you. Please note that I am suggesting these resources because they have been very helpful to me, and I hope they will be useful and helpful to you too. I am not suggesting these because of the commission that I will make. Please do not purchase anything unless you think that you need them and they will be highly useful and helpful to you in your journey. The commission that I make from these products is nominal in perspective to the coaching support and resources that you will receive with me as your personally assigned coach. 

Let me introduce you to my team! These ladies are wonderful and can help you on your journey! 

          Dawn Lovejoy

At Trinity Wellness Group, LLC, we believe that to feel your best, you need to take care your your Body, Mind, and Spirit & we can help you!

Visit the Teambeachbody website here to visit Danielle's personal coaching site for healthy tips, articles, and to see different fitness options that she can coach you through.

If you are a client of mine for counseling, I will not be your coach, as I do not want there to be a conflict of interest or a "dual relationship". However, I have found a few ladies to join me in coaching and they are focusing on their own wellness journeys, as well as helping others! 

                                                How to chose a coach?

Get to know their stories! Talk to them! And ask how they plan on helping YOU!

                               Benefits of having a coach who is on my team? 

I had selected these ladies because I know that they know how to succeed and they can also help you to succeed! If you sign a Release of Information for your coach, we can collaborate together to get your total, Body, Mind, and Spirit in alignment!!!!

Dawn is a Pharmacist, a busy, married momma of 2 small children but she has learned the importance of self care and she is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about fitness and nurtition.  

Angie is not only a coach, but also a clinical therapist! She has had her own personal journey of weight loss and has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off!!!! She is truly inspirational, positive, and can help with all those little "lies" you tell yourself that sound like excuses that keep you from success!!

Trinity Wellness Group, LLC - Counseling in Hanover, PA