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Did you know that 1 in 5 persons in the US suffer from a mental illness? 

Danielle Lew, MSW, LCSW, Owner

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                My Counseling Approach

I believe the following about therapy:

1, Therapy is NOT a "One size fits all" approach: 

Everyone ​is unique. Their stories. Personalities. Strengths. Resources. Faith, etc... So the therapy approach should be unique as well. 

I align my professional practice with the tenets of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. In short, this approach focuses on the thoughts that we have as being both positive and negative. When depending how we think, will depend on how we function. Our ways of thinking have been formed since our childhoods and if we have faulty thinking or beliefs about the world, we will experience a host of problems. I work with patients to help identify unhealthy ways of thinking (and coping) to then encourage alternative ways of thinking and behaving. 

2. Talk therapy has it's place but lets get to the solution

Again, everyone is unique and has different needs, which can sometimes be a listening ear. This certainly has it's place, and can be effective at times. And through listening, and offering support, sometimes that is just what a person needs, and change can occur. 

However, more often, people need to move from just talking to ACTION. 

I utilize a Solution-Focused Approach, which focuses on moving from the problem, and getting to the solution. Again, we can talk, talk, talk about problems, but unless we shift our focus from the problem the solution- we will not change. I have TONS & TONS of resources to help patients with various things. I have an extensive library of books, binders full of worksheets, and a host of resources that can assist moving along from what is causing the problem- to getting into the solution. 

3. No matter how many "weaknesses" we have, we ALL have strengths

Through getting to know my patients I am able to help them to identify their strengths. Do you know how any people I have asked "what are your strengths" and they could only mention 1-2. However, once I get to know them a little more, I help them to see that they have MANY strengths. Which is sooo important to help with developing goals and making positive changes. So in identifying those strengths we can help you to to overcome those "weaknesses". (I use parentheses because I prefer to not call them weaknesses- I prefer to say "things that we are just not as good at"- but that is too long of course!  

4. There are alot of resources, we just need to find them

Speaking of strengths, one of mine- is finding resources! I look and find resources wherever I go. There are resources lurking in library entry-ways, gas stations, in magazines at the Dr's office, in free apps on phones, google, youtube....we live in an age of technology so there are many resources, right at our fingertips. I can help you to get in the habit of finding resources for yourself, but in the meantime, I will provide you with resources to help you work on whatever problem or challenge you are facing (it could be time management, stress, meal planning, parenting charts, healthy eating). 

One of the benefits of having a therapist who:

1. Loves resources

2. Is an "organized hoarder"

3. Has worked in many different settings

4. Loves learning & taking trainings 

I have TONS of resources to pull from! From grief, parenting, substance abuse, care-giving issues, understanding medical issues, postpartum depression. I joke that I am an organized hoarder, because I am a office store junkie and have binders full of resources I have collected(hoarded) over the years and kept in page protectors and folders! 

5. You are not coming to hear about me, but at times, my experience may help you

When a therapist shares about themselves- it is called "self-disclosure". We receive guidance and training in our profession when and how it is appropriate to use self-disclosure. Though every therapist is different, I personally believe and feel comfortable in sharing personal things about myself and my experience ONLY when it will benefit YOU, as my patient. I will not use your time in sessions to talk about me, but when I have found that something I have done is useful (or not), or i feel that there is a purpose for you knowing something about me, I will share it. 

6. I use an Integrated Health Approach

The name of my practice is "Trinity Wellness" Group, because I whole-heartedly believe that for a person to reach their full potential, they need to address all areas of body, mind, and spirit. This means focusing on their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. What does this look like? All of these areas are strongly supported in research as being helpful, I have personally experienced positive changes when I focus on each of these areas as well.

For example:

1, Physical Health: 

Exercising, eating healthy foods, not skipping meals, drinking a lot of water, reducing or eliminating proccessed foods from diet. Getting to a healthy weight, taking medication as prescribed by physician, getting good rest. Avoiding over indulgences in anything, using moderation as the goal. 

2. Emotional Health: 

Reducing stress, increasing coping skills, identifying strengths, identifying weakness (areas for improvement), 

3. Spiritual Health:

This looks different for different people. Spirituality is a broad concept that leaves room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger then ourselves, and it typically involves search for meaning in life. Note: Spirituality is not synonymous with religion. 

For those who subscribe to the Christian Faith, I am willing and able to pray with you before and after sessions if this is something that you would like and find helpful, as many patients do. 

For those of you who are searching for what spirituality looks like for you, I can help guide you in ways to find incorporate spirituality in your life. 

​​​Life can difficult at times.

And finding the right therapist is very important when you make the decision that you are going to ask for help. If you have tried therapy in the past with a "bad experience", I do hope that you consider it again. 

Sometimes people aren't "ready" to make changes or sometimes it just isn't a good fit with the therapist.

Therapy works!

You just need to find the right therapist for your personality, your individual needs, and your unique circumstances. I do offer a free 15 minute consultation where you can get a sense if I will be a good fit for you. 


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